Founded in 2009, Sound View Strategies is made up of a team of highly accomplished professionals with decades of combined experience. SVS provides strategic guidance for a diverse set of clients including private companies, coalitions, elected officials and candidates, initiative campaigns, labor unions and non-profits — influencing countless legislative decisions at the local, state and national level.

The SVS advantage lies in the holistic and personalized approach we take with each of our clients. We put in the time to understand what makes each of them unique – going beyond just the immediate need — to be able to assess realistic options, develop a recommended plan, and successfully execute the most effective strategies and tactics to achieve our clients’ goals.

In addition, SVS has developed solid relationships with members of the media, current and past elected officials at all levels of government, and community leaders from all around Washington State. These connections are integral to SVS’ proven history in delivering wins for our clients.


Kelly Evans has more than 25 years public affairs experience in the Pacific Northwest. Her background is in coalition management, strategic planning, media and public relations and issue management. Kelly’s current work includes advising numerous public officials, managing complex public policy issues and providing strategic advice to clients…more


Sandeep has broad experience in political and public affairs consulting work in Seattle. In addition to his extensive public relations, political communications and strategic advisory work for elected officials and civic leaders, governments and non-profits, he has worked on multiple political campaigns in the Northwest…more